Ilya Ziblat Shay is a composer, sound artist and a researcher based in The Netherlands.


His work combines interactive computer systems and live performance, incorporating a set of digital and compositional tools such as creative coding, audio synthesis, machine listening and human-computer interaction, graphic/open notation, and playing bass.


He explores sound and structure with an experimental approach and an understanding of music as a co-authored and a collective process. Searching for new means of expression that can reach beyond the purely musical, Ilya approaches current world issues with a critical view and tries to map technological, political, and ethical questions as augmented musical narratives.


He had the opportunity to play on numerous international stages, and to participate in festivals as Gaudeamus (NL), Meakusma, ISCM World New Music Days (BE), Sonic Arts Series (UK), Le Strade del Suono (IT), La Escucha Errante (ES), International Review of Composers (RS). Past collaborations include works commissioned by ensembles CatchPenny, Modelo62, Asko| Schönberg, Musica Nova, Meitar, and working with solo musician Chloë Abbott, John Eckhardt, Ere Lievonen, Maya Felixbrodt, Jellantsje de Vries and others.


Active as a researcher, Ilya presented papers at international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. He holds a PhD from Leiden University.


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