The Instrument

The Instrument


The Instrument is an interactive live-electronics computer system, programmed in SuperCollider. The computer can be triggered by any number of pitch-producing resonating object – musical instruments or any kind of objects. There is no score or any instructions, and no limit on the length of the performance.

The Instrument uses pre-recorded audio samples, mainly of voices reading list of musical instruments and musical actions (e.g. pluck, bow, improvise, slower, softer, etc) in various languages. The iterative process of recording the samples is part of the composition process, repeatedly re-defining the shape of the music.

The Instrument can be played in a staged concert or as a sound installation. It is an open work which invites both professional musicians and non-musicians to interact with the computer and exploring the different possibilities and limitations of the system.


  • A radio recording played by Hatzatz (at Kol Hakampus, 106FM, Israel). The voices speak in Arabic, Russian and Hebrew:

  • A sound sculpture / installation, with audience participation (7.July 2013, Soundmine, Musica, Neerpelt. This was the first version of The Instrument):