Ilya Ziblat

llya Ziblat

Ilya Ziblat is a composer, performer and researcher of music technology and experimental music.


His work combines interactive computer systems and live performance. He uses an ever-expanding set of digital tools including creative coding, audio synthesis / analysis, machine-listening algorithms, real-time processing, interactive computer systems and interface design, alongside graphic and open notation, and playing the bass.


Language, speech, and the human voice often provide material for real-time processing, allowing him to explores current world issues with a critical ear. His work aims to map social, political and techno-ethical questions as augmented musical narratives. (‘Breathtaking mangled messes … a volatile document of a volatile time’, Jack Davidson, Noise Not Music).


Improvisation is another recurring thread in his work: a continuous interplay between musicians, emergent sound structures, and interactive / autonomous technologies that invite the audience to witness unfolding musical processes.


Ilya regularly collaborates with musicians and ensembles. His works have been played on major stages and in festivals in Europe and other places. He holds a PhD in artistic research from Leiden University, and lives and works in The Hague since 2005. He is co-artistic director/performer at the Hague based CatchPenny ensemble and a member of iii (instrument inventors) collective workspace.



  contact:   ziblatilya [at] gmail [dot] ccom