Ilya Ziblat

llya Ziblat

Stations and Journeys


Open score, for ensemble (at least 8 musicians).

Commissioned by Ensemble Modelo62 → for their Intercity Sessions concert series. I had the opportunity to work in a close collaboration with the ensemble and experience how the work was changing and developing between one performance and the next.

Stations and Journeys has a partially open ~ partially notated score. The instructions guide the musicians to walk between several “stations” – moving from one notated part to another on different locations on stage. The constant movement between the stations gradually re-arranges the instrumentation of each part as the group accumulates and breaks apart, and the emerging combinations between the simultaneously played stations create a free-flowing spatial setting for the performance.

The audience can the intertwinement of structure, (free-) improvisation, (open-) notation, musical instruments, and so on, while the physical- and the musical paths interleave.

Ensemble Modelo62, Korzo theater, The Hague, November 2018