Ilya Ziblat

llya Ziblat



For organ (the orgelpark’s hyper organ →), interactive computer system (supercollider sending OSC to the organ’s console), and musicians.

Program notes: Algorithmic ritual, techno-mysticism. The musicians are playing their instruments, sending the signal  to the computer; the computer registers the information and makes decisions based on the live interaction; the pipe organ receives orders from the computer translating them into physical sounds, and creating a continuously evolving sound environment that surrounds the musicians – and effects their playing, in a never-ending iterative loop. Together with the musicians, also the audience dwell in the constantly fluctuating musical architecture.

Algo_altar explores relationships between humans, technology (digital machine or a centuries-old, pipes-and-stops mechanical beast), script (musical score or lines of code), and space; all these become various nodes in a complex musical network, different organisms in a shared acoustic ecology.



– Catchpenny ensemble, 16/9/2021, Orgelpark, Amsterdam