Ilya Ziblat

llya Ziblat

Unmixable Elements


For cl, trb, e.guit, vl, db, org, electronics (live, playback)

Premiere: 27 May 2010, Orgerlpark, Amsterdam

Unmixable Elements is a composition & sound installation, written for the MAE ensemble, for the program Metamorfosesā†’ (together with Leine & Roebana dance group). Opening the evening’s program, the work is composed of several independent parts performed simultaneously in different locations around the building. I tried to create a sense of continuity by accompanying the audience in the transition from the outside world into the realm of musical experience: The musicians play in several settings, from the moment of the audience is arriving into the venue, while slowly passing through the foyer and the ticket office and finally reaching to the concert hall. In its final phase, the composition calls for all the musicians & dancers to unite together in the main hall, and the concert “officially” starts with this work’s final segment ā€“ a blend of all the elements which had been previously used.


Leine & Roebana : MAE poster (small, from web)