the Instrument
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the Instrument

the Instrument


DSCN4979The Instrument may be realized either as a concert piece or as a sound installation.

The composed part is a pre-recorded soundtrack of several voices reading through the same text, translated to each one’s own native language. This audio material is then played in segments via a supercollider patch, triggered by incoming pitch variation.

The live sound input (what is controlling the incoming pitch variation) may be instrumental, in which case this work will become a ‘staged’ concert piece (with set starting and end points); or it can be any object, amplified and channelled to the computer, in which case the piece will take the form of a more open sound – installation (no beginning or end point, and no need for professional performers, but rather open for public participation). In both cases the result allows for this flexible structure to be carried out, through employing improvisation.


The Instrument is a work in progress. Several recorded version exist:


  • This is also a ‘studio’ recorded version of the same installation, somewhere on the verge between sound-art and a concert piece. Impulscentrum voor Muziek, Neerpelt, BE.

  • A radio recording from played by Hatzatz (at Kol Hakampus, 106FM, Israel). The voices speak in Arabic, Russian and Hebrew (an Israeli mix)

  • Roberto Garretón (elect. guitar) and myself (cb.):


  • The first version took shape in the form of a sound sculpture / installation, with audience participation (7.July 2013, Soundmine, Musica, Neerpelt).

DSCN5003DSCN4971 - Version 2