Ilya Ziblat

llya Ziblat

Lives of the Lows – live at studio LOOS, Ziv Taubenfeld and Ilya Ziblat

The composer is fascinated by his instrument. It is an endless possibility, an open invitation that cannot be exhausted. His whole person and its whole body are entangled in performance, it needs everything he has and knows how to do. It always wants more can give more can be asked to do more has more propositions and seeks more challenges. It can never get old and it is older than him. (text: Seasonal)


Ziv Taubenfeld – b. clarinet
Ilya Ziblat – contrabass

Recorded live at Ephémère series 14.11.2019, Studio Loos
Recording: Michele Abolaffio
Mix: Ilya Ziblat
Photo: Willem Minderhout