Ilya Ziblat

llya Ziblat

Strings and Syllables

Strings and Syllables (2020)

Three duets (string instruments and live electronics) with Maya Felixbrodt (viola) / Jellantsje de Vries (violin) / Hen Goldsobel (violone), and myself (computer).

Digital release:

(artwork: Agnès Lalau)

‘Breathtaking mangled messes … a volatile document of a volatile time.’ (Jack Davidson, Noise Not Music)

‘A heady and dense mix of violins and electronics … knotty and complex, sometimes subtly disturbing.’ (Brian Olewnick)


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Live performance, at Performance Bar (WORM, Rotterdam), 10.9.2021 Maya Felixbrodt (viola), Ilya Ziblat (computer)