Ilya Ziblat

llya Ziblat



•    Primêre Kleuren (2022)

Electronic soundtrack.  With the kind support of Stroomopwaarts (upstream) residency and museum Dr8888, Drachten →  (digital)



•    Donald’s Bleach (2021)

Live electronics and trumpet, with Chloë Abbott (trumpet) →  (digital)



•    Strings and Syllables (2020)

Three duets of string instruments and live electronics. With Maya Felixbrodt (viola), Jellantsje de Vries (violin), and Hen Goldsobel (violone). →  (digital)



‘Breathtaking mangled messes … a volatile document of a volatile time.’ (Jack Davidson, Noise Not Music→)

‘A heady and dense mix of violins and electronics … knotty and complex, sometimes subtly disturbing.’ (Brian Olewnick)


•   Live at Loos (2012)

With Hatzatz: Maya Felixbrodt (viola, electronics), Tomer Harari-kaplan (harmonium, musical saw, electronics), and Ilya Ziblat Shay (contrabass, electronics).  With the kind support of KUNSTENISRAËL, Amsterdam →  (digital / CD)





•   Lives of the Lows (2019)

live set at Ephémère, Studio Loos

Ziv Taubenfeld (b. clarinet)  |  Ilya Ziblat Shay (contrabass)


open in Soundcloud→




•   Garretón &  Ziblat Shay duo

Roberto Garretón (elect. guitar, computer)  |  Ilya Ziblat Shay (contrabass, computer)


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Playing on / compilation albums


  • Demood  (2021)

Hagai Yodan (piano).

Released by Hagai Yodan on his 60 SECONDS collection of piano miniatures:→   (digital)

  • The Voices (Spooky Mix) (2017)

With Roberto Garretón (guitar, electronics).

Released by Air Texture, curated by Juju & Jordash: →   (digital / CD)

  • Dayworld (2017)

With Jordan ‘GCZ’ Czamanski, synths & production

Released by Berceuse Heroique: →   (digital / vinyl)

‘A record of raw beauty, tangled up in atonal knots and solo screes.’ (Resident Advisor)

‘Deconstruction of functional dance archetypes through a digressive string of druggy, mind-altering jams’ (Inverted Audio)

  • Debris (2016)

With Roberto Garretón (guitar, electronics).

In audio-DH, ‘a collaborative project of epic proportions that weaves the sounds of 250 of The Hague’s creative minds into an exploration of the city’s vibrant sonic tapestry’. Curated by Francisco López: →

Released by iii: →   (USB CARD)  |  listen on Soundcloud→ (digital)

  • Secunde (2016)

By Michel Banabila

Released by Tapu Records: →  (digital)

  • Between the lines (2015)

With Roberto Garretón (guitar, electronics).

In La Escucha Errante, released by ZawpRecords: →  (digital)

  • Blue Plates (2007 / 2016)

By Juju & Jordash

Released by Real Soon: →  (digital)




Video clips


• Latest | Breaking  (2022)


Live electronics and trumpet (Chloë Abbott)

Shooting & video editing: Roman Zotter