voice / bass duo – new program (February 2013)
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voice / bass duo – new program (February 2013)


During February 2013 we were busy preparing a new program for our duo, featuring newly commissioned pieces and older repertoire for voice, double bass and electronics in various combinations. Together with composers and friends Luc Döbereiner and Lula Romero we spent a few days in a residency at studio LOOS, and later we presented the program in two concerts in LOOs and in Unerhörte Musik, Berlin.

The program included:

  • Plex for contrabass and computer-generated sounds, and [untitled 2011] for female voice and electronics, by Agostino di Scipio
  • Korrektur for voice and bass, by Lula Romero
  • Hard Workin’ Woman for soprano and bass, by Silvia Borzelli
  • INCUEME for voice and bass by Ilya ziblat









pics by Sonia Kazovsky












pics by Sonia Kazovsky