Ilya Ziblat Shay

llya Ziblat Shay



A 90′ live soundtrack for the F. W. Murnau classic silent film (1922), for percussion, contrabass and computer. The premiere took place as part of the Sounds of Silence → festival 1st edition (directed by Amir Vodka-Berendsen), at theater De Regentes, 17/1/2015.

percussion: Mei-yi Lee

contrabass & live electronics: Ilya Ziblat Shay



The soundtrack has a double role: both as an autonomous musical score, accompanying the movie’s narrative, climax point and the psychological subtexts; and also by filling in the ‘missing’ post-production effects of this silent-film era masterpiece. The score is flexible, mixing semi composed and semi improvised gestures. The ensemble consists only of contrabass and percussion, who interact with computer sounds. The mystery-full, horror-evoking sounds relate not only to the tension and suspense of this classic vampire movie, but also suggest acceptance and submission to (super)natural powerful forces embodied in the image of Nosferatu.


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