Hatzatz – live at LOOS, March 2012

Hatzatz – live at LOOS, March 2012

Live recording,  concluded our residency at studio LOOS, the Hague (march 2012).

live video art: Daniel Slabosky

The electronics soundtrack / live manipulation (of the narrating voice) was done by Maya Felixbrodt. Tomer Harari plays the Harmonium and several other objects via his computer, and the bass processed as well.


Several texts by Yossel Birstein from the compilation ‘Dreams 2003’ are interwoven together. They are narrated in a normal reading speed, but each time the narrative is disrupted and the story gets “stuck” on a specific word. These are the moments where the instruments are taking the lead, jamming with the short repeating electronic material, looping through a rhythmic fragment. What used to be words and meaning, has now become an unsettled speech, as in sleep talking.
The stories / dreams were dictated by the author to his daughter just before his death, and were published only afterwards. Each one is just a few sentences long.
The first dream (or story) builds expectation towards an erotic ending, but is misleadingly cut with a cold kiss from a tall girl.
The second dream is told in first person. The narrator attends his own funeral, and observes an image of himself spoiling the event, by crying too loud.
In the third dream the teller is now a one-dollar bill, in the stock exchange in Tel-Aviv. He relinquish the opportunity to be exchanged into the much worthier German Mark.
Fourth dream: the storyteller and his wife are making love outside on the grass, but they are not alone. Other people are around them. They have to go away and try to find a better spot, but all they can find is a corner with some shadow. They continue to make love while other people are still hanging around.
The last dream is longer, and goes into more details. But the details hardly complete each other into a logical narrative, but rather are made of shreds of broken memories. Such biographical details as the author’s job at a bank, and his period at Kibbutz Gvat working as a shepherd are mentioned, alongside other imaginary details, and mysterious love making with an unknown partner.

(From the CD’s linear notes)