[ untitled, 2012 ] for double bass and electronics
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[ untitled, 2012 ] for double bass and electronics

[ untitled, 2012 ] for double bass and electronics

[untitled 2012 ] score shot

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The piece was selected for the European Competition for Live Electronic Music Projects 2012.

Duration: ca. 15′

Premiere: John Eckhardt, 3 November 2012, De Singel, Antwerp at the ISCM World New Music Days (alongside pieces by M. Donnarumma, J. Velickovic and A. Schubert).


audio excerpt:

video excerpt:

Program notes:

This new work is for solo contrabass and electronics. The form of the piece is constructed on the base of a pre-recorded composed electronic soundtrack (several sound materials are included, some purely digital, and some originate in acoustic sources). Through following his part (or rather: reacting, playing together with), the bass player interconnects with this given musical narrative.

But in the heart of this piece lies not in this formal relationship of determined progressions, but rather an opposite approach. During the performance, the player is given the option to “interrupt” the constant linear motion: by pressing on a pedal, the movement of the electronic soundtrack is brought to a stop. The protagonist (the bass player) is not anymore required to react to a pre-established chain of events, but rather can now introduce his own ideas, in his own time. And so, the performer is given the possibility to break away from the compulsory motion of time. He can shape a new form and stretch it as long as he wishes, reflecting on the given material.


Ilya Ziblat – bass&electronics (ECPNM)_23sept