the SZ Pulses (2007)
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the SZ Pulses (2007)

the SZ Pulses (2007)

sz pulses - score detail


sz 050



for ensemble (fl, bsn, pno, guit, vl, db)

Duration: 18′

Written for SZ, a group of 6 musicians with whom I was playing on that time.


  • 17 December 2007, Korzo Theater, the Hague, SZ ensemble (R. Huber, M. Clerk, G. Marciniak, T. Stepančić, C. Vaquero, I. Ziblat)

Ziblat Shay - the SZ Pulses sample_1

Ziblat Shay - the SZ Pulses sample_2

Ziblat Shay - the SZ Pulses sample_3

Ziblat Shay - the SZ Pulses sample_4

Ziblat Shay - the SZ Pulses sample_5