Slowly They Padded Along (Was It Actually Sad?) (2009)
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Slowly They Padded Along (Was It Actually Sad?) (2009)

Slowly They Padded Along (Was It Actually Sad?) (2009)

for flute, clarinet, bassoon

Duration: 10′

Premiere: 8 November 2009, Het NutsHuis, the Hague

Slowly They Padded Along (Was It Actually Sad? is a composition for woodwind trio (flute-clarinet-bassoon), first performed at the NutsHuis, the Hague. The players are walking around the audience while performing their parts, in a set “choreography”, transmitting the special acoustic possibilities of this hall which used to serve as the main hall of a bank. The traditional spatial relation between the performers and the audience, in which the players are statically positioned in front of the listeners during the whole piece, is extended in this score. Other possibilities are explored, such as: playing around the audience, behind it etc., as well as the dynamic interplay between these several optional locations.

ww trio - score pic_1