hatztaz – cd release (november 2012)
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hatztaz – cd release (november 2012)

hatztaz – cd release (november 2012)



During November 2012, Hatztaz released their first CD, which was recorded during a live concert at studio LOOS (in March 2012). The CD is available for download / order: http://hatzatz.bandcamp.com/

Recording & mixing – Arne Bock
Mastering – Thilo Schaller Graphic Design – Inbal Kaplan-Harari

(pics by Sonia Kazovsky, click to enlarge)










The release was accompanied by several concerts (08-nov-2012 @ Korzo theater, the Hague, and 09/10/11 -nov-2012 @ OCW, Rotterdam, 13-nov-2012 lecture @ EPO, the Hague). The three-nights-long gig at Roterrdam was also beautifully documented (www.podiumocw.nl) by the organiser, Arnold Schalks.

The recording / concert event, as well as the mini release tour featured a live music and video project, with beautiful live-video work by Daniel Slabosky. Parts of this concert are also available in video online. More details in http://hatzatz.com/







(pic by Arnold Schalks)


HATZATZ (cd) banner



(design by Inbal Kaplan)