A work for ensemble (open instrumentation). The musicians alternate between solo and group playing. hasBara also features voices however without prescribed text, resulting in pseudo language open for free interpretation.

A constant oscillation between free improvisation and notation is an essential part of this work. The composed material gradually dissolves while emergent musical structures are formed in real time; and vice versa, the musicians are asked to depart from improvisatory paths and gradually assemble into prescribed notation, thus surrendering to the composition’s “demand” for stability. For more details about how freedom and fixity are conceptualized in this way you can read here a chapter of my dissertation which is dedicated to this work.

hasBara work was originally commissioned by Musica Nova consort (open link to watch this earlier version of the work, for ensemble and live electronics), and later performed by Mutu ensemble:

MUTU ensemble, 30.9.2016 (Nutshuis, The Hague)